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Kanga triple buyback burn #8


Kanga triple buyback burn #8

The automatic buyback tools on Kanga Exchange have been working hard, and it is now time to send the accumulated tokens to the burn address!

These tools have been automatically purchasing 10set on Kanga at regular intervals each day. As you know, we now have 3 tools. The original KNG tool is funded by the KNG PoS rewards, while our newer tools for USDT and oPLN were originally allocated portfolio profits of 1 million USDT and 1 million oPLN respectively, with a recent boost of an additional 1 million USDT.

We are delighted to reveal that they have accumulated approximately 75,000 10set, which has now been sent to the Black hole address and permanently burned. The total 10set purchased on Kanga now sits at over 1 million.