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New TGLP subscriptions - 5000 Tenset


New TGLP subscriptions - 5000 Tenset

Ahead of the presale of our 5th Gem Satoshi Island, we are happy to now announce details of the next opportunity for new subscribers to join the exclusive Tenset Gem Launch Platform.

The next period for new subscriptions will begin at 10AM UTC on August 1 on https://www.tglp.tenset.io/. New subscribers will need to lock 5,000 10set for 365 days in return for 365 days access to TGLP and any launches that take place during that time. There are 500 spots available for this offer, which will be filled on a first come, first served basis. This will be open for a maximum of 6 days if it is not filled before then.

The presale for Satoshi Island begins on August 8. TGLP subscribers and NFT holders have 48 hours to secure their guaranteed allocation of Satoshi token. Unsold tokens will then be available in a first come, first served sale open to anybody on August 10. Land NFTs will be sold from August 11 for 3 days, only available to TGLP. There will then be another possibility for non TGLP users on August 14.