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TGLP Genesis NFT - Day 3 Summary


TGLP Genesis NFT - Day 3 Summary

The third day has passed for the auctions of our exclusive TGLP Genesis NFTs on the dedicated Tenset NFT Marketplace! It has been an incredibly successful day, with massive demand and volume passing through the bidding on each NFT.

As you know, the bidding process was for additional 10set, on top of those tokens subscribers had locked in TGLP. 144 NFTs were sold in the third 24 hours, with successful bids of 196,281 10set! The successful bidders had 363,000 10set tokens locked in TGLP subscription.

As a result, the total burn from Day 3 is 559,281 10set tokens! This is an incredible achievement for just 24 hours of Auctions! These tokens have now been permanently burned, you can view the burn transactions here:



New batches of NFTs go on sale on the Tenset Marketplace every 2 hours for the rest of the week, you can place a bid and view the countdowns here: https://marketplace.tenset.io/auctions

REMEMBER: The NFTs have NOT been minted yet. It is NOT possible to purchase the TGLP NFTs at any other place at this time, so not do no fall for any scams on Opensea or other marketplaces. We will share further details about minting your NFT after the auctions have been completed.

Thank you to everybody who has participated so far, and congratulations to all who have successfully won an NFT! We hope to see many of you proudly displaying your avatar on social media! Good luck to everybody who will be bidding in the auctions in the coming days, there are still 568 NFTs up for grabs! Each day we will be providing a summary and burning the accumulated tokens!

If you need a reminder about what a TGLP NFT means, and how the auction process works you can visit our dedicated news article here: https://www.tenset.io/en/news/tglp-nft-official-details