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TGLP Subscription 5000 10set now open


TGLP Subscription 5000 10set now open

Subscription to the exclusive Tenset Gem Launch Platform is now open! The locking amount is 5,000 10set tokens, with 500 slots available. You can make a lock now here: https://www.tglp.tenset.io/

Locking the 10set tokens for 1 year grants you a 365 day subscription to TGLP, making you eligible to take part in each project launch during that period, including the upcoming Satoshi Island presale that begins on August 8! The TGLP locking process is exempt from the 2% Tenset tax. Locked 10sets can be released after the locking period ends.

This offer will be filled on a first come, first served basis until the 500 slots are reached. The offer will end on August 7 if not completed beforehand, in order to finalise the allocation details for the token presale.