Smart contract audit that builds your credibility

Harness the power of an effective 3-stage audit methodology valued by industry leaders

Smart contract audit that builds your credibility

Ensure your smart contracts are safe and secure for users

The Tenset team is made up of blockchain experts and cyber security specialists. They have vast experience in developing and testing battle-tested technology systems in the past so know how to investigate and verify smart contracts. You can leverage our expertise to ensure your technology is bulletproof to survive and thrive in this disruptive and rapidly changing tech industry.

Intelligence built into the auditing system


Features a combination of both manual and automated processes to investigate your smart contract.

Artificial intelligence

We employ static code analysis as well as artificial intelligence programs to review all aspects of the code down to the tiniest detail.

Model based training

This groundbreaking approach allows us to randomly generate transactions on the real system and on a model. We can identify bugs by comparing the differences between the model and your smart contract.

Your project gains trust and recognition

Security Report allows you to fix the issues

Tenset provides a report with observations on the quality of the contract. We flag all minor and major issues that have been identified. We recommend how these flaws can be resolved, and allow the project to address them. The final report will then be made public which will note the resolved issues.

Media coverage builds the momentum

We will offer you an extended service package including marketing activities.


CEX certificate proves you trustworthy

After the audit, you will be able to integrate the badge “audited by Tenset” into your website. A secure smart contract is a requirement for all centralised exchanges to consider a listing.