Proven blockchain solutions that catapult your project into success

Development takes forever? Setup technological foundations of your project with our proven blockchain solutions.

Proven blockchain solutions that catapult your project into success

Launch your project in weeks, not months.

Get access to agile teams of experts who setup your project’s technological foundations using tried and tested blockchain solutions. Tokens, NFTs, vesting platforms, cross-chain solutions, or anything else you imagine.

Ecosystem of solutions

Fungible, semi, and non-fungible tokens

The heartbeat of your project's economy.

Vesting platforms

Release tokens when you want, how you want.

Cross-chain solutions

Make your vision a reality across blockchain ecosystems. Onboard customers on any blockchain.

Set up the technological foundations of your project without delays and confusion


Shorten your time to market

Earn today, not someday. By using our blockchain solutions, you speed up your project’s development and start growing in weeks, not months.


Control the economy of your project

Distributing tokens all at once can be disastrous to your token’s value. Use our vesting platform to release your tokens gradually over time. Vesting platform includes audited smart contracts deployed and connected to a beautiful web application for your community. Customize vesting schedule per groups of addresses so that you control exactly who gets how many tokens and when.


Reach audiences on any blockchain

Don’t limit your project’s growth potential to one blockchain’s user base. With our cross-chain solutions you can make your smart contracts seamlessly work on many chains, without expensive 3rd party bridges.

We develop Smart Contracts in 4 steps


Discovering requirements

Our expert takes you through a battle-tested process that helps you communicate your vision clearly.


Designing architecture

Our software architect takes your business requirements and architectures a technical solution.



Our experienced engineers implement smart contracts, web services, and applications.


Your vision becomes a reality

We deploy and hand over every piece of your ecosystem alongside extensive documentation. Your project is live.