Design trust into your crypto project

We combine our UI/UX and crypto expertize to provide you with a web design that catches the spotlight and builds trust.

Design trust into your crypto project

Our team has figured out what actually works in the world of crypto

The Tenset team is made up of blockchain experts who have been in the crypto space for a long time. They have seen many bull runs and bear markets and understand how users think and act. You can leverage our expertise in UI/UX from the traditional business world with companies like Revolut, and blockchain know-how to maximise your website's capabilities.

Data informed design outperforms guessing

Understand the problem

We rely on our experience and on research to discover what does - or might - prevent your prospects from converting into investors.

Design the right solutions

Forget the best practices, we're talking a tailor-made sales engine. We know that in crypto sales follow trust and that's what we design into your project.

Measure and optimize

Collect the right data and leverage it to improve over time. We will set you up for high conversion rates with the ideas for bold experimentation.

Convert visitors into investors


Doubling your conversion rate is the quickest way to grow your business

We've got the know-how to get people in crypto to do what you want them to. It's test-proven over multiple bull runs.


Trustworthy image sets you ahead of other crypto projects

The world of crypto has its' own rules. We've mastered them for you so we can provide your projects with the visual assets that will help you stand out from the crowd.


Scalable design system is here to set you up for the long run

We design your website with a set of high fidelity re-usable assets that your team later implements. With this approach design will no longer be a bottleneck of your project.

We deliver UI/UX in 4 steps


Get a quote

You submit the required documentation and get the estimation of the process scope, timeline, and price.


Research & Development

We run research and iterations in continous cycles. It carries until we're sure what solutions will convert your visitors into investors.


Design the specs

You receive a set of design assets that come with a documentation. You can pick it up and start development immediately after.


Measure the results

We advise you on how to measure the performance of your new crypto website against your business objectives.