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10set crucial dates


10set crucial dates

The core team have been working extremely hard behind the scenes over the past few weeks to revolutionise the Tenset project and prepare some crucial upgrades.

We have listened to the community’s requests, and are sharing an updated timetable for some very exciting events coming soon:


🔹1 September – New CEX listing

🔹15 September – New Gem 💎 reveal

🔹15 September – New round of subscriptions

🔹2 October – AMA with the team

🔹5 October – Infinity

🔹31 December – Rebranding

We are incredibly excited to reveal the full details of these events. All of the upgrades were developed in order to reward our loyal holders. The utility of the 10set coin is a priority and we are confident that these additions will empower the project to regain value and attract a huge new wave of investors. This is just a teaser for now, but stay tuned as we will share further details . As always, we appreciate your support Tenset army, we couldn’t do this without you.

*rebranding date is flexible +/- 7 days