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Satoshi Island - Presale Details


Satoshi Island - Presale Details

We are delighted to share the sale details for the upcoming GEM launch, Satoshi Island!

The presale will begin in 3 weeks on 8 August for a duration of 7 days, incorporating both the Satoshi token and the land NFTs. Here are the important dates:

  • 8 August - token sale for TGLP (48 hours)
  • 10 August - FCFS sale open to anybody for the unsold tokens
  • 11 August - NFT sale - FCFS for TGLP (72 hours)
  • 14 August - NFT sale - FCFS for anybody

The token sale will begin on 8 August. TGLP subscribers and NFT holders will have 48 hours to secure their guaranteed allocation using BNB. Any unsold tokens after this sale finishes will be allocated to a first come, first served sale on 10 August (On average 7% of tokens are unsold from presale). This will be accessible to anybody, not just TGLP subscribers or NFT holders. Payment for this will be in BNB or 10set token, depending on market conditions and will be confirmed at a later date.

The NFT sale will begin on 11 August. For 72 hours the land NFTs will be sold on a first come, first served basis that is only accessible to TGLP subscribers and NFT holders and paid in stablecoin. On 14 August, a 24 hour NFT sale will take place that is open to anybody, which is similarly first come, first served. This sale will be raised using the 10set token.

We will share much more official details closer to the sale regarding exactly how it will operate and other information such as the maximum allocation size in TGLP and confirm the payment currencies. We have many more plans to unveil as our partnership with Satoshi develops in the coming weeks, so stay tuned on our official social channels!

We are very excited to be starting the massive GLOBAL marketing campaign for Satoshi Island this week ahead of the launch taking place next month. Satoshi truly has the potential to cement itself and Tenset at the forefront of innovation in both the traditional world and the crypto space with a totally unique and ambitious vision of a futuristic way of living.