Alaska Gold Rush


Token Data


Alaska Gold Rush (CARAT)


5 BNB = 63,888 CARAT

Circulation supply

1,000,000,000 CARAT



Launch Data

Launch date


Max investment





9,224 BNB

Vesting Schedule

10% on TGE

90% over 365 days

ATH Since Launch


About the Gem

What is Alaska Gold Rush?

Alaska Gold Rush is a FPP (first-person perspective) web3 game that can be described as a combination of Red Dead Redemption, Fortnite and The Witcher, and includes a revolutionary ‘Win2Earn’ in-game economy. Set in the late 1800s before the infamous Klondike gold rush, players must survive the harsh lands of Alaska and can explore and collect gold in a truly immersive Metaverse mining experience!

Interviews with the team

The Tenset team was in contact with Alaska for approximately 1 year prior to launch. They have been observing their progress ever since and monitoring their steady development. They were accepted into the Tenset Incubator in September 2022 and announced as a “Future Gem” to allow for more time to develop. They have impressed us with their continued efforts since then and demonstrated the project is now ready for a TGLP launch!

Transparency and team experience

The Alaska team has been working on the concept since 2020 and spent years perfecting the storyline, gameplay and in-game economy! Their international team has a solid track record of success and experience in several areas of the gaming and crypto industries. They have strong partners in the blockchain industry with other crypto projects and advisors, as well as gaming partners from the traditional business world. The team is demonstrating their commitment and belief in the project with a 12 month cliff and 36 months vesting for their tokens as shown in the tokenomics!

Experienced AAA+ gaming studio

Experienced AAA+ gaming studio

Advanced blockchain game

Most blockchain games on the market, and particularly those that targeted the “Play-to-Earn” hype in the last bull run, have very primitive games that focus on tokens instead of the game itself. Alaska is far superior in its advanced game design, thanks to years of development with Baked Games. and rivals the quality of games seen on the web2 market. They are bringing a fully immersive and enjoyable game for players that aims to conquer the web3 market as it brings the best of both worlds: a stimulating and enjoyable gaming experience and all the perks of blockchain with tokens and NFTs.

Strong token utility and in-game economy

Alaska has spent years creating their in-game economy and seeking advice from experts to establish the strongest tokenomics model as possible. This economy will be powered primarily by the $CARAT utility token which will be the on-chain currency available for trading on exchanges. A second token $GOLD will be used off-chain for rewards and in-game soft currency. Alaska has focused on developing a sustainable economy that secures strong utility for the CARAT token, and even includes deflationary measures for reducing the overall supply in the long-term.

Metaverse mining + land

Users will be able to buy gold mines within the Alaskan Metaverse that come with a lot of major benefits. NFT owners will receive rewards from other gamers who mine $GOLD on their land! On top of this, they will also receive a share from the Alaska Gold Rush transaction fees too! Players will be able to mine $GOLD tokens, which is a great way to onboard new users to the crypto world. Mining is evidently a major feature of the game and the time period in Alaska, so there is a vibrant comparison to make between the 19th century and 21st century with mining Bitcoin.


All of the aspects discussed above outline why Tenset believes the Alaska Gold Rush project has so much potential on a global scale and provides a unique opportunity for Tenset to launch an advanced gaming project that could onboard millions of new users to crypto. This is why we decided to incubate them as the 6th Tenset Gem and launch a presale for TGLP subscribers.

In addition, Tenset has secured a significant holding of CARAT for the Reserves and long-term buybacks, and released an exclusive TGLP NFT collection with powerful double-utility relating to Alaska’s ecosystem, which was auctioned in 2022.

The descriptions above are by no means financial or investment advice. We encourage all individuals to perform their own due diligence before deciding to buy the $CARAT token, as we can provide no guarantees for their future performance or success, the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile.

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CompletedExclusive Gem

0.3 USDT = 1 ALVA

Total Raise

2,400,000 USDT



Max Purchase

600 USDT (400 USDT for TPL)

ATH Since Launch





Max investment

130 USDT




400,000 USDT

ATH Since Launch


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