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Buyback economics

Deflation is a core function of the Tenset project. 10set tokens are actively burned to reduce total supply using various powerful burning mechanisms.


Total Buybacks Value

23,872,851 USDT

Marketplace Buyback

10,061,446 USDT

DEX & CEX Buyback

2,700,632 USDT

Manual Buyback

11,110,773 USDT

Market Data

Initial Total Supply

210,000,000 10SET

Current Supply

175,400,192 10SET


99,834,015 10SET


34,599,808 10SET


37,786,850 10SET


37,779,327 10SET


Token Available on exchanges

NFTs Available on exchanges

10set token stands on basic economics rules

2% of every 10set transaction is burned. Another 2% goes to Infinity.

Half of the Infinity fee goes to 10set token stakers, the other half to NFT stakers. The burn permanently reduces supply and rewards long term holders.

Tenset runs one of the top launchpads in crypto space

We use it to support buybacks and provide powerful utility for 10set token. Users get the opportunity to participate in launches.

Lock 10set token, earn AirDrops daily

By locking 10set in Infinity, you earn daily rewards from tens of different crypto projects on the platform, including the 10set token.

Projects currently launched by Tenset

Alaska Gold Rush

Alaska Gold Rush


Presale for TGLP subscribers/NFT holders begins March 18

Sale Terms

Hold TGLP NFT or lock 5000 10set

Launch Date

Early april

Max Purchase


Projects previously launched by Tenset

Fame MMA

Fame MMA


2.7 BNB = 100,000 FAME

Total Raised

24,547 BNB



Max Purchase

2.7 BNB

ATH since launch





1 BNB = 200,000 HERO

Total Raised

5,000 BNB



Max Purchase

10 BNB

ATH since launch


Tenset for Business

Smart contract audits

Tenset helps projects across the blockchain ecosystem to ensure their protocols are ready for launch and built to protect users.

Smart contract development

Highly experienced blockchain developers can meet your contract creation desires.

UI/UX for crypto

Tenset product designers help blockchain projects gain traction and trust among the community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate in a launch (Tenset Gem Launch Platform)?

You need to have an active TGLP subscription or hold a TGLP NFT. You can subscribe for 1 year by locking 5,000 10set tokens for 365 days. You can purchase an NFT on various marketplaces such as OKX and OpenSea.

What is a TGLP NFT?

This is an exclusive NFT that offers LIFETIME access to the launchpad, as well as other perks depending on the collection. Owners of these NFTs do not need to lock tokens or subscribe each year to TGLP.

How does Infinity work?

You can lock 10set tokens on Infinity for between 24 hours and 24 months and earn daily rewards in 10set token and other participating crypto project airdrops.

What's the difference between regular and premium Infinity?

Regular users only earn 10set token rewards. They can lock for between 24 hours and 90 days. Premium users earn 10set token rewards PLUS rewards from tens of other crypto projects. They can lock for between 6 months and 24 months.

Can I unlock my tokens before the expiration date?

It is not possible to withdraw 10set tokens from TGLP or Infinity before the expiration date. However, Infinity users have the option to convert locked tokens to 10SETx, which can be used on the Tenset Marketplace to buy NFTs.

My wallet has been compromised. Can you retrieve my tokens for me?

Unfortunately it is not possible to retrieve lost tokens as the blockchain is irreversible. Tenset is unable to change subscription addresses for TGLP/Infinity in the event of a compromised or lost wallet. It is the user’s responsibility to keep their wallet and funds secure. Tenset team members will never contact you first or ask for your seed phrase.

How can I list my project on Tenset?

You can fill out the relevant Infinity or TGLP application forms below. You can also reach out to the Tenset team using the Contact form to find out more information.

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