Our technology - Your safety

Cyberstorm is Tenset’s new proprietary, superior, cutting-edge auditing technology. Named so because it brings a massive storm upon an audited smart contract and exposes everything that stands in its way.

Our technology - Your safety

Cyberstorm’s revolutionary technology

Our audit’s secret sauce combines the finest auditing tools available today with our exclusive tooling inspired by the latest academic research. It draws from technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine and deep learning, CNN (convolutional neural network), model based testing, static analysis, symbolic execution, flow analysis, and differential testing.

How does a Tenset Cyberstorm security audit differ from an ordinary one?

Usually security audits utilize manual reviews with static code analysis (relatively simple automated tooling).


With our security audit, the code is first attacked by Cyberstorm (in 2 separate stages) from every direction and angle, to detect lots of vulnerabilities. The above mentioned practices like AI and machine learning are utilised to analyse patterns and data within the contracts.


In the final stage, the code is reviewed manually by highly-skilled auditors. They scrutinize the results from the previous 2 stages to guide their reasoning about the code and reinforces and enhance the outcome of the audit.


After each of the 3 stages, the client will receive a report. We are in regular contact and provide updates so that no project is left in the dark of the status of their audit.

Why choose cyberstorm?

Why choose cyberstorm?

Tenset Cyberstorm is the ultimate smart contract auditing package to create a blockchain fortress around your project. This will provide unmatched credibility and security in the market, while also proving the quality of your development.