10SETx token


10SETx token

We are extremely excited to unveil a new upgrade to Infinity and the Tenset Marketplace that we have quietly been working on in recent weeks! It will soon be possible to exchange 10set tokens that are locked on the Infinity platform for 10SETx, a token that can be used on our Marketplace!

What is 10SETx?

  • Each locked 10set token on Infinity can be converted for one 10SETx
  • This conversion is irreversible. You cannot exchange 10SETx for the regular 10set token
  • 10SETx has the same value as 10set when making purchases on the Tenset Marketplace
  • 10SETx can only be used on NFTs offered in 10SETx
  • 10SETx cannot be traded outside of the Tenset Marketplace

This new process is planned for release next week and can be completed in a simple and straightforward manner. Users can visit https://www.infinity.tenset.io/locks, select a lock they wish to convert, and follow the simple steps to begin the process. You can convert an entire lock or a portion of it, depending on when you locked your tokens. Only standard gas fees will be required.

If you are missing a few 10SETx to purchase an NFT, you can additionally burn any amount of 10set tokens from your wallet to top up your 10SETx account on the Marketplace! It is further planned to allow these users to participate in future TGLP NFT auctions, with a minimum bid of 5000 10SETx.

Tenset constantly pushes to expand and improve existing platforms for our users. We are confident that this innovation will greatly strengthen our ecosystem by offering Infinity users the option to convert locked tokens and buy NFTs, enabling greater demand and use case for our dedicated NFT marketplace, and of course contributing to more burning! This is a major win-win for all parties!

We will share more information and a simple walkthrough when this exciting feature is live very soon!

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