Alaska Gold Rush Seed Sale Details


Alaska Gold Rush Seed Sale Details

The first seed sale for Alaska Gold Rush will take place next week on September 23! You can find the following official sale details:

  • 10 AM UTC 23 September

  • $800,000 total raise

  • First come, first served sale

  • Max purchase: 300 USDT BEP20

  • Price per token: $0.025

  • Sale will take place on the Alaska website

  • Only TGLP subs and NFT holders are eligible to participate

  • TGE will take place at a later date closer to launch

This sale is only accessible for TGLP subscribers and TGLP NFT holders. A snapshot of current TGLP subscribers and NFT holders will take place 24 hours before the sale. This will include the winners of the upcoming TGLP NFT Auction in collaboration with Alaska, which takes place on September 16. If you do not already have a subscription and wish to participate in this sale, you can gain a year subscription by locking 5,000 10set here:

There are only 24 hours remaining for current TGLP subscribers to extend their subscription ahead of the Alaska sale! You can do this by locking an additional 1,000 10set, which will add an extra 365 days to your current subscription period. The 1,000 tokens are not burned, but added to your overall lock amount. Make your extension now here:

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