Boosting community engagement


Boosting community engagement

To keep the community entertained and active during less exciting marketing conditions, Tenset is preparing to join the Zealy platform. is a next-level community engagement tool that has been used to power some of the most successful and active communities in both the crypto space and web2 world.

Zealy motivates community members to complete tasks with a common goal of promoting a project and receiving a reward. In Tenset’s case, the rewards will be in the form of everybody’s favourite hobby: BURNING, as well as other cool rewards for active members. Tensetters will have regular tasks they can complete to add more 10SET tokens to burn.

The activities will focus on supporting and growing the Tenset brand on key social channels. Some example of tasks that can be completed:

  • Visiting the Tenset website
  • Joining the international Telegram group
  • Joining the Telegram announcement channel + reacting to the last post
  • Following the Twitter account, Like + RTing most recent tweet
  • Posting your own tweet about Tenset using #10SET, replying to your favourite crypto influencer and tagging @tenset_io
  • Following the Tenset LinkedIn page
  • Following the Tenset YouTube account, like + commenting on most recent video
  • CoinMarketCap - adding Tenset to watchlist + leaving a positive comment
  • Coingecko - adding Tenset to watchlist + favouriting

Exact details will be shared soon when the tool goes live. This development has the goal of keeping the community engaged during boring market conditions plus also contributing to ultimate goal of the Tenset ecosystem - burning tokens! It is in the hands of the passionate Tenset army to wipe out the supply of project tokens!

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