Brand New Tenset GEM


Brand New Tenset GEM

Tenset is excited to reveal the next project that will feature on the launchpad and it is a giant one: introducing Dark Machine!

Dark Machine is a AAA team-based dark mech third-person shooter from game developer META-X, and backed by Tencent Gaming, Immutable and a powerful team of gaming industry veterans in Japan.

Dark Machine is a mech themed max 7v7 arena shooter style game built on Unreal Engine, where players can combine, transform, and enlarge their mechs to overwhelm opposing teams. As the mechs grow bigger, heavier, and more powerful, the grand scale of destruction is unleashed not only towards your opponents but also to all structures of the map. Players must efficiently harness these elements to strategically outmaneuver their opponents to emerge victorious!

Dark Machine will feature the talents of two esteemed Japanese anime legends Goro Taniguchi and Tenjin Hidetaka. Taniguchi, who serves as the Creative Producer, is known for hit animes such as One Piece Film:Red and Code-Geass. Meanwhile Tenjin is the Chief Mech Designer and well known for his mech designs in such hits as the Macross Series and Gundam Series.

Decentralized Tournaments and Player Empowerment

Dark Machine introduces a novel concept called Decentralized Daily Tournaments (DDTs), which leverages blockchain to give players unprecedented control over competitive events. Unlike traditional esports platforms, where tournament organization is centralized, DDTs allow players to organize, participate in, and govern tournaments through democratic, blockchain-facilitated processes. This not only enhances player engagement but also ensures transparency and fairness in competitive play.

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The Dark Machine Token Economy

At the heart of Dark Machine’s game is the utility token $MXNA. This token facilitates a variety of in-game transactions, including entry fees for tournaments, purchases of exclusive items, and the acquisition of unique mech upgrades. The tokenization of in-game assets enables a fluid exchange between value and content, allowing players to gain tangible rewards for their skills and investments.

Crypto Mayhem

Experienced Game Developer

META-X is a Web3 competitive game specific publisher and developer that consists of gaming industry veterans with 20+ years of experience, and an on-ground dev team with backgrounds from prominent developers such as Sega Sammy, Bandai Namco, Square Enix, Gree, Cygames, and Spike Chunsoft. The team boasts over 100 title launches and a variety of accolades, including awards in the BAFTA Games Awards.

META-X CEO, Takashi Murakoshi, former CEO of Spike and M&A Leader for Sega Sammy is a 20-year game industry veteran instrumental to the development of the Japanese game industry at large. CCO, Keiichi Yano, former CEO of iNiS, is also a 25-year game industry veteran with various music game titles, mobile action games and networked action games under his production expertise. Keiichi is considered one of the major forces behind the music game genre with hits such as Gitarooman, Elite Beat Agents, and Lips.

**MXNA token details - **UPDATED DETAILS

  • Total supply 1 billion tokens based on Ethereum network
  • Price per token **0.07 USDT for Tenset users
  • **10% of tokens unlocked at TGE
  • Remaining 90% unlocks weekly for 52 weeks
  • Total raise **1,5 million USDT
  • 7 day claim-back policy will be enabled

The IDO and launch for Dark Machine with Tenset is currently planned for June. More details will be shared soon. As always, you can expect a large global marketing campaign to kick off before launch. Dark Machine plans to open their community group in the coming days and release a dedicated website in the near future.

Stay tuned on the official channels of both Tenset and Dark Machine to follow important updates.

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