Fifth community Zealy burn!


Fifth community Zealy burn!

Another month has passed with our Zealy community tool, so it is time to share more results! A massive 177,835 XP has been collected by the community since our last update.

Originally the tool was set to burn 1 10SET per 10 XP on Zealy, however, due to community request and to reward the hard work, this has been increased to a massive 1 XP = 1 10SET! This means that the fifth Zealy burn is an incredible 177,835 10SET, which was entirely powered by the actions of the dedicated Tenset army! The total 10SET tokens burned from Zealy now sits at an impressive 976,795!

You can find the burn transaction here:

Key Zealy statistics thus far:

  • More than 700 active users have completed at least 1 task
  • Over 200 tasks in total to complete (mixture of once-off, daily and weekly tasks)
  • Special shoutout to Mihael 007, who sits at the top of the leaderboard having completed more than 700 tasks and gathered over 30,000 XP!
  • Many of the most active and well known Tensetters are also within the top 10 including Kubalerson, BTCKing, Peter_Tenset, Makapaka, and Kris!
  • Can find Tenset’s Zealy campaign here:

The campaign has been incredible so far, with massive support on social channels like Twitter, with many insightful and well composed twitter threads, as well as fantastic community created videos on YouTube and TikTok! The power of the Tenset community has never been clearer. When everybody comes together with a common goal incredible results can be achieved!

The Zealy tool has proven to be extremely popular with the community, so it will remain a key feature of Tenset ecosystem going forward! New tasks are added regularly to maintain the support and keep increasing the burn. Additional prizes will be added in the future to reward the active users in addition to the burn.

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