First community vote for TPL!


First community vote for TPL!

The moment the community has been waiting for has finally arrived! It is time to present the first project for a community vote to feature on the Tenset Protectron Launchpad - ivendPay!

ivendPay is a crypto payment system connecting merchants and customers. Their seamless platform enables businesses to reap the benefits of blockchain technology and accept payments via cryptocurrencies in a simple, safe and fast manner.


Their payment system facilitates crypto payments through a POS (point of sale) terminal, vending machine, e-commerce plugin, API and mobile app available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. One of the main missions of ivendPay is to provide crypto-fiat solutions and reduce processing costs and fees.

ivendPay currently has more than 500 active merchants that includes restaurants, hotels, bars and stores in 10 countries. Boasting more than 250 POS machines and over 40 tokens listed in the payment system, they have amassed more than a million transactions to date. Notably they have officially partnered with Binance Pay, OKX Chain and Gate Pay for implementing their payment system.


The ivendPay POS terminal is at the core of their ecosystem, allowing merchants to revolutionise their business. They have integrated with organisations such as Sunmi, Pax, Worldline, Oti and Invenda, gaining exposure to more than 100 million terminals with their application on devices in stores.

They have further integrated with key commerce platforms granting access to million of users: OpenCart (340k+ users), WooCommerce (5 million + installs), Shopify (1.7 million+ users), PrestaShop (300k+ users), Magento (260k + users) and

IVPAY is the utility token of the ivendPay ecosystem, that will be integrated into their services and products as payment, rewards or discount means. This includes a loyalty program, staking, discounts on B2B and B2C solutions and commission from resellers. In addition to this, they plan to implement and deflationary model with token burning to reduce the circulating supply of tokens.

Tenset Community vote details:

  • Voting now open for 72 hours on
  • Minimum 50% votes yes for ivendPay to be accepted on TPL
  • TGLP NFT holders - 5 votes
  • TGLP subscribers - 4 votes
  • Minimum 100 10SET on wallet - 1 vote
  • Transaction volume on your wallet (Eth/BNB chains) - 1 vote

IVPAY token details:

  • 0.03 USDT per token in TPL round
  • Total supply 1 billion tokens (based on BNB chain)
  • 30% of tokens unlocked at TGE
  • Remaining 70% unlocks daily for 2 months
  • Total raise 500,000 USDT
  • TPL’s 7 day claim-back policy will be enabled

More details about the IDO will be shared next week if the project is successfully accepted by the community.

Now is the opportunity for the passionate Tenset community to voice their opinion and decide whether they want to see ivendPay feature on the Tenset Protectron Launchpad! The vote is now live on It is totally in the hands of the community to make this decision, the final say lies with you!

You can find out more information about ivendPay on their official channels below:



Telegram Announcements:

Telegram chat:



ivendPay bot:

Used at Binance Blockchain Week:

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