FlipItToken - Diamond Sponsor


FlipItToken - Diamond Sponsor

Tenset Infinity continues to grow with the 59th airdrop, FlipItToken, who join as an official Diamond sponsor!

FlipIt is a fully decentralised meme coin looking to make waves in the current meme and community focused crypto market hype. Their burger flipping ecosystem initially revolves around 3 main characters: Pepe, Wojak and Harold, as well as an innovative game.


In the first version of the game, players will have the chance to collect four components: the top bun, bottom bun, meat, and lettuce. Gather them all to create your own perfect burger. The more NFT burgers you collect, the greater $FLIPIT tokens rewards you can get. After future updates you’ll be also able to get legendary NFTs and other exclusive items.

Each time you play the game, players will get an NFT. What's more, there's a big chance to receive double the amount of $FLIPIT tokens! Staking will also be a major feature of the FlipIt ecosystem. Tokens can be staked for 7 days to get an NFT. The more that is staked, the higher the rewards.


To stand out from other crypto meme projects, they are striving to be fully decentralized with the following measures:

  • Fully decentralized domain (registered on Ethereum Name Service (ENS))
  • Fully decentralized website (hosted on InterPlanetary File System (IPFS))
  • Liquidity on Uniswap locked forever
  • Renounced ownership of the token smart contract
  • Renounced ownership of the game smart contract
  • Renounced ownership of the NFT smart contract

Their team has introduced a 1% fee on all transactions. This fee will serve the dual purpose of supporting the team and facilitating future listings on exchanges. This approach allows for a sustainable growth strategy, enabling the team to expand the token's presence in both decentralized and centralized exchange ecosystems, ultimately enhancing accessibility and liquidity for token holders.


$FLIPIT token is based on the Ethereum network, with a total total supply of 42 trillion tokens. 98% of supply will be added to DEX liquidity and locked forever. All users who locked their 10SET on Infinity premium airdrops will receive tokens.

Note that the token has not launched yet. The launch is planned for May 29 on Uniswap. Users will begin to see rewards on their Infinity dashboard from today, but tokens cannot be withdrawn to their private wallet until after this listing.

To find out more information about FlipItToken, you can find their official links and social channels below:

Website: https://flipittoken.eth.limo/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/flipittoken

Telegram: https://t.me/FlipItToken

Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/FlipItTokenAnnouncements

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