Metropoly - Bronze Sponsor


Metropoly - Bronze Sponsor

We are delighted to introduce the 55th project joining the Infinity platform, Metropoly as a Bronze sponsor!

Metropoly is building one of the world's first NFT marketplaces where users can invest in income-generating properties worldwide in seconds with low fees.

Metropoly makes real estate investments possible without banks, hidden fees, or geographic limits for crypto holders seeking ways to invest in real estate, generate passive income, diversify their investment portfolio, and protect their capital from inflation.


Each NFT sold on Metropoly is fractionalized and pegged to real-world properties generating monthly rental income.

The owner of a Metropoly real estate NFT receives monthly dividends and benefits based on long-term property appreciation. Comparable to crowdfunding real estate companies, all properties are purchased and managed by Metropoly or a vetted partner company.

Their vision is to make the real estate market accessible to users worldwide regardless of their country of origin or credit score, with a global decentralized real estate NFT marketplace backed by real-world properties.


As a Bronze sponsor of the Infinity platform, Metropoly is providing 250 thousand tokens. The Airdrop of $METRO will be distributed over a period of 180 days to all users who locked their 10set on Infinity premium airdrops. Rewards will begin today, but $METRO cannot be withdrawn from Infinity until after the token launches publicly.

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