Official TGLP launch details


Official TGLP launch details

Following yesterday’s announcement about the upcoming Alvara launch on Tenset Gem Launch Platform, it is time to reveal the all important dates and information about the IDO and subsequent listing for the ALVA token!

Important dates for Alvara launch:

  • February 25 - Snapshot of eligible TGLP subscribers/NFT holders. Deadline for new subscribers or delegation of wallets for IDO.
  • February 26 - Round 1 of IDO begins. Open for 24 hours, guaranteed allocation for TGLP users.
  • February 27 - Round 2 IDO begins, for unsold tokens. First come, First served.
  • March 4 - Official ALVA token listing on Uniswap.

This IDO is exclusive to Tenset, and only accessible for TGLP users (subscribers who locked 5,000 10SET for 1 year, or TGLP NFT holders). Note that TPL users (who locked 2,500 10SET) do not get access here.

The 7 day, no-questions-asked, decentralised claim-back policy will be enabled for this launch! This means that you can cancel your vesting up to 7 days after the token lists on Uniswap, if you have not already claimed any ALVA tokens.

The total raise in this IDO is 2,400,000 USDT. Based on the current number of subscribers/NFT holders at the time of publishing this article (2 February 2024), the estimated allocation in Round 1 is approximately 600 USDT. This number is of course subject to change, as the final snapshot will be taken on February 25. Users have time to subscribe now to become eligible to participate in the IDO here:

Reminder of the ALVA token details:

  • Total supply 200 million tokens
  • 8 million tokens for TGLP (4% of supply)
  • 0.3 USDT per token in TGLP round
  • 25% of tokens unlocked at TGE
  • Remaining 75% unlocks monthly for 3 months
  • Total raise 2,400,000 USDT
  • 7 day claim-back policy will be enabled

You can find out much more detailed information about Alvara Protocol on their official channels below:








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