Tenset Incubator #2 - Pirates of the Arrland


Tenset Incubator #2 - Pirates of the Arrland

We are happy to announce that the second project featuring in the Tenset Incubator is Pirates of the Arrland!

Pirates of Arrland is the world’s first game to combine multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) competition with an economic and strategy game. It is set in a pirate world and its additional advantage is the possibility to create the space surrounding the player.

The project features deep gameplay and good quality graphics, and thanks to blockchain technology, allows the player to own characters, items, ships, and lands obtained in the game. In this way, players participate in the continuous development of the Pirates of the Arrland’s Metaverse.

They plan to release the first playable version of their game MOBA mode soon, which will be available to all Pirate NFT holders for free. 10,000 male Pirate NFTs have been randomly generated with over 300 traits that will have a real influence on your game play with many different perks including armor, sight, strength, defense and attack!


Players with different preferences can meet with each other, form alliances, influence each other and trade. The value of tradable items is determined by the common rules of the ecosystem, and the price is regulated by supply and demand.

Diverse types of gameplays, providing a great deal of enjoyment shown to the players in an attractive environment created on the basis of the Unity 2021 HDRP engine in one ecosystem, solve the problem of the lack of players at the current stage of the crypto gaming industry development. In addition, many of the features present in the game are aimed at traditional players, which will multiply the effect of scale. The Pirates of the Arrland game is a 3D game set in the authorial world of Pirates of the Arrland.

Pirates of the Arrland

Notably, Pirates of the Arrland will feature Play2Earn capabilities for users! Players can search for unique items which can then be used, sold or bought. The private island can be purchased to build and expand your operations and grow your resources.

Pirates of the Arrland

Pirates has an exciting roadmap for the coming months and years with some major developments to be released including major additions to their game, a multiplayer mode and a mobile app version. You can see the full roadmap here:

Pirates of the Arrland

Popular gaming website ‘PlayToEarn’ notably ranked them in 4th spot for their top 50 blockchain games list.

Pirates of the Arrland

Tenset Incubator is the latest platform that will guide projects at an early stage of development. Note that we are not officially launching these projects, but are offering various guidance and support as they develop and expand their projects, as well as providing an initial investment.

We are happy to share that TGLP subscribers and Genesis NFT holders will be eligible to participate in the seed phase of their token sale with a 10% discount next week! A snapshot will be taken at 10AM UTC on Monday July 25 for all individual wallets currently holding a TGLP NFT.

At 10AM UTC on July 26, these TGLP subscribers and NFT holders from the snapshot will be able to head to the Arrland website and add themselves to the whitelist during the next 48 hours. The seed sale will begin shortly after this.

To find out more information about their project and upcoming sales you can check out their official channels and community groups below.

Pirates of the Arrland official channels and social media:

Website: https://arrland.app/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/arrlandNFT

Telegram announcement: https://t.me/piratesofthearrland

Telegram chat: https://t.me/ArrlandNFT

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ec9zJB4d8M

Whitepaper: https://arrland.app/docs/WhitepaperV2.pdf

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeQS_znzgcy7sUJhITeTBow

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