The next GEM has arrived!


The next GEM has arrived!

The wait is over! The time has finally come for the 6th gem to enter the Tenset Gem Launch Platform - Alaska Gold Rush! You may already be familiar with Alaska, who previously joined the Tenset Incubator in September last year and collaborated with us for an exclusive TGLP NFT collection. We announced them as a future GEM while we waited for development to progress. They have been tirelessly developing ever since and are now ready to officially enter TGLP and prepare for launch!

Alaska Gold Rush is a FPP (first-person perspective) web3 game that can be described as a combination of Red Dead Redemption, Fortnite and The Witcher, and includes a revolutionary ‘Win2Earn’ in-game economy. Set in the late 1800s before the infamous Klondike gold rush, players must survive the harsh lands of Alaska and can explore and collect gold in a truly immersive Metaverse mining experience!

The game is being developed on the Unity 3D engine by AAA+ gaming studio Baked Games. The company is publicly listed on the stock exchange and has been producing games since 2015. One of their most popular games reached over 1 million downloads on Steam, placing it in the top rankings, and recently released on PS4!

Gameplay teaser:


Unique features of Alaska Gold Rush game

  • Collect $GOLD in-game tokens to gear up for missions (off-chain, soft currency of game)
  • Collect $CARAT to get rich (on-chain, utility token, available on exchanges, TGLP)
  • Unique wagering based in-game economy
  • Trade and create NFTs that will bring your gold mining yield to the next level. Your in-game equipment matters!
  • Explore the wide Alaskan lands from the First-Person Perspective
  • Immerse yourself in the game and compete with your friends in the PVP mode

Users will be able to buy gold mines within the Alaskan Metaverse that come with a lot of major benefits! NFT owners will receive rewards from other gamers who mine $GOLD on their land! On top of this, they will also receive a share from the Alaska Gold Rush transaction fees too!

Players will be able to mine $GOLD tokens, which is a great way to onboard new users to the crypto world! Mining is evidently a major feature of the game and the time period in Alaska, so there is a vibrant comparison to make between the 19th century and 21st century with mining Bitcoin!


Alaska has an exciting roadmap for this year that includes Gold mine NFT sales and the alpha demo release of their game in the very near future! Full game released is currently planned for the end of 2023. They will also be announcing significant partners from the web2 space, platforms that will massively boost the number of players using the game!

Tenset is delighted to be launching a project again and such a high quality game from a proven gaming studio! Their international team is full of successful members with a solid track record and experience in the gaming sector.

Alaska has been steadily developing and progressing their project for many months and is ready to conquer the web3 gaming space! We share our appreciation with the passionate Tensetters who have been patiently waiting, and hope you are as excited as us for the upcoming launch!

Alaska has many more announcements to make in the coming days as we gear up for a massive launch! In particular, we will be providing a further update this week with the important dates for the TGLP sale and launch so that you can begin preparing!

Tenset members who participated in the Incubator sale for Alaska can participate again in the upcoming TGLP launch if they have an active subscription or TGLP NFT. If you do not currently have access to TGLP and wish to participate in the Alaska sale, there are 2 options:

  • Regular subscription - lock 5k 10SET tokens and gain a year access to all launches. Subscriptions are open now:
  • Purchase a TGLP NFT. All official TGLP NFTs grant LIFETIME access, as well as other perks depending on the collection. NFTs can be traded on OpenSea or OKX.

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In-game economy document:

Alaska in-game economy Figma:

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