Website burn update


Website burn update

To improve the tracking of Tenset’s powerful deflation, a new feature has just gone live on the website! Users can now watch in real-time as the supply figure updates due to burning! You can find this at the Burns/Market Data section on the homepage:

Every Monday a new burn update is provided and posted across all of Tenset’s official social media channels. However, this is not the only burn that takes place! There are in fact, burns taking place much more often than this. A 4% tax is placed on every transaction of the 10SET token (buy/sell on PancakeSwap, or transfers between wallets) - 2% of this goes to Infinity stakers, the other 2% is immediately burned. This means that there are tokens being burned all throughout the day, every single day!

No matter the conditions and general sentiment of the crypto market, the Tenset ecosystem will keep working and striving to achieve its ultimate goal of burning as many 10SET tokens as possible and rewarding the loyal 10SET army!

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