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FAME MMA is the biggest freak fight organisation in Europe that hosts MMA events for celebrities, personalities, super stars and famous professional athletes to fight each other. Founded in 2018, FAME has run 13 large events to date, building a strong name for themselves with a massive following and impressive business model.

Max investment

2.7 BNB


9 118

Total Raised

24 547 BNB
gem launch completed






2.7 BNB = 100 000 FAME





Circulation Supply

10 000 000 000

Launch date

April 29, 2022

Personal interviews by CEO of TENSET

As part of the TGLP due diligence process, the CEO of Tenset met with the team behind Fame to give a clear picture of their vision for the project. We learned about their impressive business model that they have been developing since 2018, and began strategising the adoption of blockchain technology to take their project to the next level.

Transparency and team experience

A crucial aspect considered in the vetting process is the transparency and experience of the team working on the project. The FAME team have been working on the project since 2018, and disclosed themselves publicly. Much of the team are active on social media and interact with the community with hundreds of thousands of followers. They have demonstrated their competency in growing FAME from the first event with a small audience, into a massive brand with 13 successful events, that have been bigger and better each time.

Established real-world business + large fan base

FAME MMA is a unique project joining the Tenset Gem Launch Platform as they are a real-world business that has already established a successful business model. They boast millions of followers across their social channels such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook and garner millions of views on their events and conferences, with the top PPV sales record in Europe.

FAME tiktok 270.1k total followers and 4.4 mln total viewsFAME Youtube 992k total no. of subscribersFAME instagram 1.3 mln total no. of followers

Strong token utility

The FAME token will be used to power the entire ecosystem with all services and transactions flowing through their native token. The token will be deeply connected to the business and have strong utilities and use cases in many areas such as PPV, franchising gaming, marketing and sponsors, fighter salaries, merchandise, NFTs, promotional offers, staking and governance.

Tokenization expansion plans

FAME has decided to tokenize and join the Tenset Gem Launch Platform as they believe this technological jump will allow them to take advantage of a rapidly growing sector and create a more engaging relationship with their community, through the issuance of their own Fame token. They view the blockchain industry as a huge opportunity to expand their business model on a global scale using a franchise system. This will offer them access to top sponsors around the world and the possibility to gain important strategic partners to take their brand and business to the next level with Tenset’s guidance.

FAME expansion plans worldwide


Fame MMA has officially partnered with Metahero, Everdome and Kanga exchange.. Metahero is providing use of their advanced metas canners which will create unique NFTs of Fame staff, fighters and VIP guests to appear on their Marketplace. Additionally they will assist with the creation of a future Fame game. Everdome is Fame’s official metaverse partner to enter the most realistic virtual world experience out there and interact with the community. Fame has further partnerships with a software house for creation of their games, and Kanga Exchange who will assist with the development of their crypto payment system.


All of the aspects discussed above outline why we believe the Fame MMA project has so much potential on a global scale and provides a unique opportunity for Tenset to launch an already existing real-world company.

In addition, Tenset has made a significant investment into Fame MMA to place in the ETF 2.0 portfolio, and secured an elite VIP NFT collection which will be auctioned exclusively on the Tenset NFT Marketplace in the future.

The descriptions above are by no means financial or investment advice. We encourage all individuals to perform their own due diligence before deciding to invest in the project as we can provide no guarantees for their future performance and success.