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New TGLP subscriptions - 5000 10set


New TGLP subscriptions - 5000 10set

Following the reveal of our 5th Gem yesterday, we are happy to now announce details of the next opportunity for new subscribers to join the elusive Tenset Gem Launch Platform.

The next period for new subscriptions will begin at 10AM UTC on July 7 on https://www.tglp.tenset.io/. New subscribers will need to lock 5,000 10set for 365 days in return for 365 days access to TGLP and any launches that take place during that time. There are 100 spots available for this offer, which will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

In the lead up to our next launch, new TGLP subscription offers will be opened in slots of 100 at various points across different time zones, in order to support the Tenset community all over the world. As usual we will announce the times and locking requirements for such offers in advance.

In case you missed our groundbreaking news yesterday and new gem, please head to our announcement article which shares all of the important details regarding Satoshi Island. There will be much more information about the launch shared in the near future. https://www.tenset.io/en/news/5th-gem-coming