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TGLP – Everdome presale update


TGLP – Everdome presale update

We are happy to finally reveal the presale date for Everdome! The sale for Tenset Gem Launch Platform subscribers will take place on 24 January! Everdome will later list for public trading on 8 February.

Presale details:

  • Tenset presale will last for 48 hours
  • Presale will take place through a dedicated website
  • Guaranteed allocation for all TGLP subscribers
  • Payment currency is BNB

Subscribers will have 48 hours to transfer the required BNB using the mechanism on a dedicated website. We will communicate a direct link and starting time in advance. As this is a fair share for all subscribers, there is no race to send funds instantly. As long as the transaction is completed within the 48 hour period you will secure your allocation of Everdome.

Investors who purchase Everdome tokens through the TGLP sale will have 10% of the tokens unlocked initially, with the remaining 90% unlocking at a rate of 2% per week. You will be able to claim the tokens each week as they unlock, by using the same tool that was originally used for the presale.

Investors can view full tokenomics and additional information about Everdome on their official website: https://everdome.io/

If you haven’t already subscribed to TGLP, you still have time to do so here and gain a year subscription to the launch platform which includes the Everdome sale as well any other projects launched during the year: https://tenset.io/gems/. The ability to lock will close prior to the sale taking place.

Be careful! There are many scam projects pretending to be Everdome. Everdome has not listed yet and is not available to purchase on PancakeSwap right now. Make sure you are only following the official sources for Tenset and Everdome. Join our official Telegram Announcement channel for all the latest updates: https://t.me/tensetio