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TGLP NFT details + Samples


TGLP NFT details + Samples

Following our announcement yesterday regarding the NFT collaboration with Immortal Cats, we are excited to reveal samples of what these NFTs will look like and additional details on how the process will operate!

Immortal Cats are providing 1,000 pictures that will be used in the first collection of NFTs for TGLP. Each of these NFTs have unique traits and designs that empower Tenset’s strong bond with cats. You can view a preview of some of the designs below. The collection is still being developed and will have visual upgrades before release.:

sample1 sample2
sample3 sample4
sample5 sample6

This first collection with Immortal Cats will be available to current TGLP subscribers from any lock period! It does not matter how many 10set were locked, the process is the same. If they choose to convert to NFT, all of their locked 10set tokens will be burned.

Current TGLP subscribers have 3 options:

  1. Convert their subscription into a TGLP NFT (which burns their locked 10set tokens)
  2. Extend their subscription without NFT, but will need to add additional 1000 10set tokens to the lock to maintain and secure access to TGLP for extra 365 days.
  3. Withdraw their tokens once the lock expires and give up their subscription.

It is important to note that the community voting results were more or less 50/50 so converting to NFT is NOT obligatory - it is optional.

For those who do not wish to convert to NFT, they will have the possibility to extend their subscription, but must adhere to the additional locking requirements. The first chance to extend your subscription will be announced soon. To make this extension, subscribers will be required to add an additional 1,000 10set to their lock, which will secure their subscription for another 365 days on top of their current period.

(Example: if you have 100 days left on your current subscription - after extension, you will have 100 + 365 = 465 days remaining)

The possibility to extend your subscription (if you are not interested in converting to NFT and receiving lifetime access), will be opened at certain points throughout the year. Details of these extensions will be communicated in advance, but 1,000 additional 10set will be the minimum (it could be higher). In order to secure your subscription for an additional year, and avoid competing against new subscribers when locks are open, you will be required to lock the specified additional 10set.

Tenset company will never allow NEW subscribers to gain a subscription to TGLP for lower than 5,000 10set. This minimum has been set in order to maintain a base value for our current subscribers and TGLP NFT holders.

Features of a TGLP NFT

  • Lifetime access to TGLP (no need to extend subscription each year)
  • Tradable on Tenset marketplace or Opensea
  • Can sell your NFT(subscription) at any time
  • Possibility to transfer ownership to another wallet and participate in launches
  • Unique design/avatar for loyal Tenseters to display on social media
  • Additional utilities and perks to be added in the future

Payment on the future Tenset Marketplace will be exclusively in 10set token. Trading will also be possible on Opensea, where a creator fee will be applied to all trades, with the proceeds being allocated to buyback and burns of the 10set token.

This first collection with Immortal Cats will be for 1,000 NFTs, but there will be 4 more collections in the future with 4000 more NFT’s (There may be more collections, but we will stick to 5000 NFT in total for now, based on community voting where participants voted approx 50/50 for and against NFTs).

These collections may be in the form of a collaboration (as seen with Immortal Cats), or created by Tenset itself. Each collection of NFTs will be unique in terms of design and characteristics to differentiate themselves. Each NFT will also have a unique number coded to it, to identify those who converted to NFT first!

The first collection of 1,000 NFTs in collaboration with Immortal Cats will be possible to exchange soon. Stay tuned for further details regarding the exact date and how to complete this process.

To meet the highest standards of top projects contacting Tenset in regarding use of our launchpad and increase average of participants (which is now approximately 92%), we will use the subscriptions converted into NFT TGLP spots for new users. But as we said TGLP capacity of 10 000 LOCKED subscribers will not be increased. Subscriptions will also not be possible to acquire for lower than 5000 10set tokens.

We strongly believe that this important process will help tenset to reach a higher level and root our leading position in launchpad crypto space.

The primary utility of these NFTs will be lifetime access to the exclusive TGLP, but more utilities will be revealed in the future. We are constantly working to improve our service for 10set holders, by adapting and evolving our product to provide the greatest value possible to the loyal Tenset army.