Tenset Incubator

The portfolio is the core aspect of Tenset, as this is how the project generates profit and funds the buyback and burns which reward holders. As a result, growing this portfolio is of major importance to the team. The bigger and faster we can grow our ETF 2.0 portfolio, the higher the profits we can generate and in turn purchase more 10set on the market and burn them for deflation!

Tenset has built a reputation as a serious and well respected investor in the crypto space. As a result, Tenset receives many offers to participate in early sales of projects that have huge potential. The projects will be carefully selected and vetted to guarantee security of Tenset’s funds. These opportunities are afforded to Tenset due to our reputation and are not open to the general public to purchase such a large stake.

Simply put
Tenset will use all of the tools at our disposal to expand our portfolio and profits…
…and reward our 10set holders.
The larger the portfolio, the bigger the buybacks we can perform and speed up our deflationary process down to 2.1 million 10set tokens.