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EverFight – Silver Sponsor


EverFight – Silver Sponsor

We are excited to announce that EverFight is the latest project joining the Tenset Infinity Airdrops program! They join the platform as a Silver sponsor.

EverFight is a new project offering a range of unique blockchain minigames using cryptocurrencies. The project is targeting the rapidly growing gaming industry in crypto by allowing gamers to use cryptocurrencies to play online games against other players.

They offer fully decentralised minigames to achieve absolute fairness. Players join the pools, called ‘rooms’, by paying an entry fee. The winners are decided via the governing smart contracts that eliminate biases and ensure fair gameplay. The pool (rewards) is divided among the winners automatically through the smart contract.

EverFight is focusing on the booming ‘Play to Earn’ industry. They are developing a turn-based strategy game where anyone can earn tokens through gameplay. Users can battle against other players using well-known figures in the crypto world and change skins, enhance fighting abilities or buy new NFT characters using cryptocurrency.


$EF is the native EverFight token. This is a utility token that is used as currency to enter the minigames, and also allows holders to participate in risk-free ‘Holder’ games to win BNB tokens or other partnered projects. The rewards for this pool come from trading fees as well as game taxes. 1% of the fee on selling $EF, and 2% of the pool value for each minigame is contributed to the Holder game, which takes place every 3 days.

The $EF token is a hyper deflationary BEP20 token with a max supply of 32.5 billion tokens. It incurs a 5% tax on purchasing EF, which is burned. When selling, 5% is also burned with a further 2% for marketing, 5% for buyback and 1% for Holder reward pool. Each minigame uses 5% of the pool with 2% going to the Holder game and 3% going to the buyback tool. If $EF is used as the payment currency, the 5% is burned.


EverFight has developed a buyback mechanism to support the value of their token and encourage long term appreciation. The Satoshi stacker receives a share from each minigame pool and sale transaction. The bot uses these funds to purchase $EF on the market when certain conditions are met and burns them, leading to further deflation.

EverFight will be providing 162.5 million tokens as a Silver sponsor of the Infinity platform. The airdrop of $EF will be distributed over a period of 120 days to all investors who locked their 10set in Infinity.

EVERFIGHT official sources and social media:

Website: https://everfight.games/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/everfight_token

Telegram: https://t.me/everfight

Whitepaper: https://everfight.games/everfight-whitepaper.pdf