Tenset news

First Crypto assets


First Crypto assets

The new week has started, and we have some big, long-awaited news for everyone.

Tenset company has officially started purchasing crypto assets. We have carefully selected assets of different classes corresponding to various risk/reward scenarios, and today we are locking 320 ETH on Binance!

Yes, we have purchased ten validator nodes and locking them for two years or longer until the first phase of Ethereum upgrades is completed and ETH 2.0 implements shard chains.

Binance.com offers daily stakes that are being paid in bETH, which is easily exchangeable into regular ETH. The staking rewards will be anything between 5-20% APY.

What does it mean for the Tenset community?

We are officially starting the process of profit generation and our promised buyback program.

A large part of profits from staking will be used to purchase 10sets from exchanges, starting with Uniswap. These tokens will immediately be burned, which will boost the price of 10set and create extra deflation in the process.

As a side note, the new node validators help to speed up the whole ETH network.

No need to thank us, Vitalik 🙂

We are incredibly excited to finally start this phase of our project development. More purchased assets and related news will get announced soon.