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Hodlme – Bronze sponsor


Hodlme – Bronze sponsor

We are pleased to introduce that the 26th project entering Tenset Infinity Airdrops is Hodlme, who joins as a Bronze sponsor of the platform.

Hodlme is a platform built on the Binance Smart Chain that encourages long term holding by offering high staking rewards and games to earn more rewards.

Stakers of their native token HODM can earn a lucrative yield in the form of BNB. This yield is paid daily based on the volume of trading, as a 20% tax is placed on all sales of the token to feed directly to token holders to reward hodling. This passive income is a fair distribution based on the number of tokens held, the more HODM that is held the higher the BNB rewards.


The project has created a game which rewards holding. Players can battle 1vs1 against each other, with the first person to make a sale losing the game. Games can also be played with more than 2 players, resulting in a greater prize pool with more opponents. The process is simple: you purchase HODM tokens to stake in game and hodl, and as soon as your opponent makes a sale you win the game.

HODM is a BEP20 token with a total supply of 100 billion tokens. A 6% tax is placed on purchases which is used to increase the liquidity pool. A 20% tax is placed on sales which returns to HODM holders in the form of daily BNB payments. HODM is currently available to purchase on PancakeSwap.

As a Bronze sponsor of the Infinity platform, Hodlme is providing 2.2 billion tokens. The airdrop of HODM will be distributed over a period of 180 days to all investors who locked their 10set in infinity.

Hodlme official sources and social media:

Website: https://hodlme.cash/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hodlme_Official

Telegram: https://t.me/hodlME_Official

Whitepaper: https://hodlme.cash/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Hodlme-1.pdf