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Immortal Cat - Diamond Sponsor


Immortal Cat - Diamond Sponsor

We are delighted to reveal that the next project featuring on Tenset Infinity is Immortal Cat! They are joining as a DIAMOND sponsor of the platform!

Immortal Cat is a brand new NFT movement seeking to instil a consciousness awakening. Inspired by Egyptian mythology, the eternal cat has the power of immortality and contains wisdom and power to create a new world. Their Immortal Cats carry 5 superior human genes: Genesis, Art, Wisdom, Magic and Smith’s DNA.

Immortal Cat

Their NFT ecosystem will include a Play-to-Earn breeding game, NFT launch Studio, Metaverse and a gambling function and more. Their goal is to establish a passionate community and user base following the project's vision and develop into a blue chip NFT brand.

The ICC token is the native currency for the Immortal Cat ecosystem. Investors can stake their Immortal Cats NFTs to earn the token, based on the rarity of their NFT. The token can be used to play a breeding game and mint new NFTs and custom messages, which can be sent to any eth wallet address.

The token has further utilities within the ecosystem such as purchasing whitelist spots for other NFT projects, where Immortal Cat are purchasing other bluechip NFTs that ICC holders can then join a raffle. Additional features will be introduced in the future according to their roadmap such as a Coin flip game using the ICC token, with a portion of fees being distributed to NFT holders, as well as P2E Immortal Cat Metaverse with NFT worlds and NFT studio to launch new projects.

Immortal Cat

Immortal Cat, who are creating the designs behind the first collection of the exclusive TGLP NFTs, are also sharing their native token, $ICC, to be distributed on the Infinity platform. In addition to the airdrop, Immortal Cats are offering a spot on their whitelist for Tenset investors, to mint their upcoming NFTs. Please note that these are not the Tenset TGLP NFTs, but standard Immortal Cats NFTs relating to their ecosystem. You can find out more information in their discord channel linked below.

As a Diamond sponsor of Infinity, they are sharing 1.5 million tokens. The Airdrop of ICC will take place over a period of 365 days to all investors who locked 10set on Infinity.

Immortal Cat official sources and social media:

Website: https://immortalcat.io/

Discord: https://discord.gg/M5WJgYKVDC

Twitter: https://twitter.com/immortalcatNFT

Telegram: https://t.me/ImmortacatCN