New TGLP NFT Collection


New TGLP NFT Collection

We are excited to reveal a brand new TGLP NFT collection! This collection is inspired by our passionate Japanese community and follows the theme of “Tenset Sumeragi”!

The collection will consist of 500 NFTs, each with a unique design. The auctions for these NFTs is scheduled to begin on 1 February. Batches of NFTs will be listed over a duration of 4 days. More information will be shared a few days before the auction begins, including a presentation of all of the designs.

As with all TGLP auctions, it will be open for TGLP subscribers and 10SETx users. Subscribers will need to place a bid in 10set or 10SETx tokens, and if they successfully win a bid, those tokens as well as their 10set tokens locked in TGLP will be burned in return for the lifetime NFT. 10SETx users can participate by placing a minimum bid of 5000 10SETx. More info about 10SETx can be found here:

Tenset Sumeragi collection will carry a powerful DOUBLE UTILITY:

  • Lifetime subscription to Tenset Gem Launch Platform including all launches, with no need to lock tokens or subscribe each year.

  • Can earn a share of the 1% 10set token transaction tax. In the near future it will be possible to lock the NFT on Infinity and earn a share of these rewards. This perk is reserved for only the Genesis and Sumeragi collections.

We hope that the community will enjoy this brand new collection created by Tenset itself! In particular, we believe the loyal Tenset Samurais may appreciate the design and recognition of their passionate culture. As always, Tenset focuses on introducing new features to our ecosystem that will support our ultimate goal of burning 10set. This collection will no doubt contribute to a nice burn, as ALL proceeds from the NFT auctions will be burned!

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