Tenset Whale Hunt - 200 thousand 10set burn


Tenset Whale Hunt - 200 thousand 10set burn

Tenset’s deflationary quest continues! We are happy to provide another update in the Tenset Whale Hunting sector - a deal has been agreed with one of Tenset’s largest holders!

We have acquired a significant 200,000 10set tokens from the holder! The deal is beneficial for the future development of the project as well as a requirement for negotiations with hedge funds. Institutional investors do not allow there to be big early holders, which is why Tenset is focused on buying these back.

As always, you know that any tokens that the Tenset company buys back OTC are going to be BURNED! You can view the burn transaction for this deal here:


This process is a strong addition to the extensive deflationary program already in place, and will further strengthen the 10set token by reducing the share of tokens held by the largest players in our ecosystem, and of course, further deflating the total supply! We continue to buyback and burn tokens, particularly when the market is bearish!

If you currently hold more than 200,000 10set tokens, and for some reason wish to sell, you are free to contact us and we can discuss an OTC deal. The Tenset team always acts in the best interests of the project and the token, which will benefit all members involved in our ecosystem, and firmly believes this process contributes to a healthier and stronger ecosystem with a more even token distribution.

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